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La alcaldía de Villanueva invitó a la población desplazada y víctima del conflicto armado residente en el municipio, a participar de la oferta de tecnologías ofrecida por el SENA, escribiendo al correo electrónico

Según Lorena Torres, enlace de víctimas municipal, la convocatoria abarca cursos en: Gestión Ambiental, Sistemas, Mantenimiento Eléctrico Industrial , Asistencia en Aplicación de Procesos Reproductivos Bovinos, Manejo Ambiental, Contabilidad y Finanzas, Asistencia Administrativa y Cocina.

Dichos cursos se estarán realizando en los municipios de Yopal, Tauramena, Hato Corozal y Maní a partir del 24 de septiembre.


ddxmtMKr 17 Agosto 2013 14:49
great Aust stamps hot at auction

The sale of a historical Australian stamp collection has exceeded valuation estimates, Fetching even more than $3.3 louboutin uk million at auction in london.

the collection of exceptionally rare commonwealth stamps, Started by Adelaideborn civil engineer William Morgan and continued by his n entrepreneur son Hugh cheap michael kors Morgan, constructed 'furious' bidding over two days, ah Spink reported.

Sold in even more than 740 lots, With estimates covering anything from STG100 to STG100,000 ($A153 to finally $A153,000), The sale of the Morgan choice was forecast to net more than STG2 million ($A3.3 nfl jerseys wholesale million).

in conjunction with the close of Wednesday's sale, Spink announced the stamps sold for a combined total greater than STG2.2 million ($A3.3 million).

Among the hottest items in the sale were two unfranked twoshilling stamps featuring an etched kangaroo over an outline of Australia.

branded 'one of Australia's great philatelic rarities' by Spink, The pair of ugg boots uk sale quarterly report Postage stamps sold for STG84,000 ($A128,000), close STG50,000 ($A76,000) the lot more than estimated.

The top lot at the sale was a single 10shilling stamp showcasing the same design although missing the outline of Tasmania in a brown buff shade, which will sold for STG108,000 ($A165,000), these STG38,000 ($A58,000) Above low estimations.

'My hope is that the buyers treasure these rare examples sticking with the same enthusiasm and passion as Hugh Morgan and his father, Who began the gathering, has,' said Spink stamp authority, Nick startup.

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Grove Park Inn sold for the second amount of time in about a year

today, June 12, Omni Hotels Resorts announced it would purchase house, coupled with four other resorts. All five properties and assets are owned by KSL Resorts.

intend to make this as smooth of a transition ugg boots uk as possible, So we're mostly excited to keep anything status quo, says Anne Tramer, vice president of corporate communications for nfl jerseys wholesale Omni. Very excited to have such an iconic resort in that part of the united states be part of our fold.

In can possibly 2012, KSL bought the Inn from Sammons association, which in fact had owned the resort for about 60 years. as the sale, the house has undergone extensive renovations.

Tramer says upgrades that are already underway will continue. Those changes include a new dining, thomas edison, Which is scheduled to open this summer. Of now, We're preparing to stick with what's already underway, And then we'll cause decisions, Tramer declares. Try to figure it out continuing to move forward. instantly, Everything is going to stay as planned.

The change in ownership cheap michael kors handbags should be smooth for all relevant parties, concerning employees, Tramer tells me. Actually not planning to make any associate changes, she says.

subsequently, Tramer hopes the Inn will benefit from Omni's stewardship. Omni is far bigger than KSL; following this deal, KSL will retain just four properties while Omni will own about 60. Have a corporate office and a larger portfolio of properties, Tramer reveals. That logic, We're hoping to totally support the resort and drive more business and traffic not just to Grove Park Inn, But to Asheville as a residential area in general.

Omni is headquartered in Dallas and owns hotels in Charlotte and Atlanta, In addition to dozens of other cities all through the US. Its resort locations include Florida and sc.

As section of the deal with KSL, Omni will acquire vacation rentals in Texas, christian louboutin outlet uk Virginia and cal. The Wall Street paper values the fiveresort sale at $900 million.

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Ridgewood marketed

After that will fire, innundations, And the slew of claims that plague the Ridgewood complex, it will not look like a country club, But it's still standing. At a Saturday morning press meeting Fitchburg's mayor announced the embattled buildings are taking on a new direction. Plesko. "It is a gateway into Fitchburg so I feel it possesses a vehicle for commercial development as well as residential development,

designer Gary Gorman adds, "I want to see a village type of community with mixed uses. I waiting to see a public function there, it is no secret that we've talked to the library committee for the city of Fitchburg,

One sign of improvement could already be seen at an appreciation day for residence, But a main conversation starter at the gathering uggサンダル was the new deal, And how it can effect them.

"It is a little scary nevertheless there is a very good possibility that we will lose our home, My region. I've put a lot of time and money into making it nice, tells Jodi Johnston.

when it comes to Johnston, After 26 years at the intricate, She's seen it move from bad to worse. But on this day management アグブーツ激安 put on a party with food and face painting so people know this place is evolving.

Johnston speaks, "The bottom line is you got to start over to reduce bad element, that is what you got to do,

Redevelopment plans may take several months to get together. Once a plan's set, Gorman says they will assure there is a transition process in place that is sensitive to resident's needs.

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Rita TMs Church at some point

News ReleaseOn sunday February 2, 2012 retired parishioners of St. アグブーツ激安 To pray devotional prayers to Our Lady of continuous Help.

We have been gathering here once a month アグムートンブーツ for the past many months to pray, tells you Benito Zimbalatti, One of four former parishioners who have appealed luring close the church to the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome. we have been very happy to have friends from the former parishes of Corpus Christi and Ss. Anges join us.

a few weels ago, the main Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie announced that it has received a response from the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome regarding the appeal against the closure and sale of the former churches of Corpus Christi and St. Rita in north Bay. depending on diocese's press release, The members has not accepted the appeal.

The applicants have the authority to appeal these decisions to the highest court of the Roman Catholic Church, an Apostolic Signatura.

We have not yet seen the decree from the members for the Clergy, assumed Zimbalatti. So we see no root-cause of us to stop praying. As followers, It is what we are to do. And since this is a church, We can possibly keep praying here.

"All are the pet attend, He persistent. With a special welcome to all former members of St. Rita TMs, Corpus Christi coupled with Ss. Anges parishes, As well as all our other supporters from through the city.

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Rusty Anchor owner pleads simple

BY ADAM LINHARDT Citizen StaffA Stock Island fish house owner on Friday pleaded not guilty regarding his company to a federal conspiracy charge over the alleged illegal sale, Purchase and deliver of seafood.

Ramon Rodriguez, who owns Rusty Anchor Seafood of Key West Inc, Is scheduled to appear in court again on April 11 for something new of plea and sentencing, which implies a plea agreement is in the works.

Federal district attorney Thomas WattsFitzgerald and Rusty Anchor attorney Jerome A. Ballarotto declined to comment on future court proceedings.

"All I can say is that we hope it will be resolved eventually, Ballarotto documented. magistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow asked if he understood that he was waiving his right for a grand jury to review evidence against his company.

Prosecutors allege the Rusty Anchor or its workforce:

Made 42 purchases, Valued at above what $100,000, Of spiny lobster from an un-named, Unlicensed fisherman and failed to report extra $23,000 of lobster purchases over the daily allowable bag limit;

Made 27 purchases of finfish it reported buying from someone with a license that does not exist; since

sold 133 pounds of black grouper worth more than $500 from ugg a fisherman who did not have a license for that species, And concealed the illegal financial transaction by mislabeling the catch as mahoua, An unregulated baitfish.

The alleged sales occurred between August 2007 and September 2009, WattsFitzgerald stated to Snow.

If guilty, Rodriguez wonderful wife, Patty, skin a $500,000 fine or twice uggs the amount they allegedly made from illegal ugg australia deals, whatsoever is greater.

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Pour mélanger le bon marché de l'animal de compagnie en particulier, Sac Vanessa Bruno comprend conçu une reprise de compagnie de mélange costfree comme bourse d'animal familier, sommeil, Dressage chien récepteur peau du cou ainsi garmets animaux de compagnie. La ligne de pêche peut être une page à risque élevé et également en ce qui concerne les conducteurs de mobylette. Titre Vanessa Bruno fait établi comme excluant énorme dans l'ensemble tout le style ainsi que plus large associée à Vanessa Bruno galoches de luxe sont associés à la réutilisation premier, Vogue, mais la conception.

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A brush with the unnatural at Hopkins Dining Parlour

"I do not disbelief there's else but I do not let it bother me, Gladys Pierce, Owner of Hopkins Dining Parlour interest Shoppe in Moose Jaw said, waiting in the restaurant she has owned since 1978.

The Athabasca Street restaurant has a good reputation for being Moose Jaw's spookiest haunt and there's certainly a few tales people can tell you which might make you look over your shoulder once or twice as you enjoy your dinner.

In all her time at the place, doing your job seven days a week, uggブーツ激安 Pierce hasn't seen anything supernatural herself, consequently she has heard noises, Including unusual footsteps.

"I had a customer scare me once though. She was a new old lady with white hair. I アグブーツ激安 was upstairs and just doing something facing the other direction and she came from the waitress station アグムートンブーツ and all of sudden, She tapped me and she had this glowing white hair and I was so scared it was a ghost but she said アグブーツ激安 アグ激安 something, Pierce chuckled.

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e6o ggj tkp 29 Agosto 2013 23:33
140 East Shaw method Fresno

Let our Courtyard Fresno Hotel invite you in to the heartland of California. Located just 55 miles from Yosemite indigenous Park, Our conventional in Fresno, California affords the new stateoftheart lobby with flexible spaces to work in, Free WiFi and quick access to the latest news, Weather airport predicaments via our GoBoard. Grab a bite at The bistro Eat. beverage. convey, Which provides guests with a variety of アグオーストラリア breakfast offerings the following day and dinner service in the evening. Outdoor devotees can enjoy hiking and climbing in the nearby Sierra Mountains or fishing and whitewater rafting in Kings River. uggムートンブーツ just minutes away from our North Fresno hotel, The wineries of the Madera Wine Trail are the most effective kept secret in ugg偽物 the San Joaquin Valley. take a rest from your travels at our Fresno, アグ California hotel and enjoy our fantastically landscaped courtyard, Relax near the outdoor pool, Soak in the whirlpool or get アグ激安 a brisk workout in our work out center. Enjoy a new stay focused with the Marriott Courtyard Fresno hotel.

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Rummage Sale The father christmas Barbara Independent

through 1959, Mildred Pinheiro ugg sale od a home for girls that wanted to kick their alcohol addiction. Fifty long periods of time later, Casa Serena still is a home treatment home, Having helped beyond 6,000 ugg boots sale women start on the path to recovery. even while there, Residents in group and individual counseling sessions and are taught the tools of the ugg boots outlet recovery process. Since its starting, Casa Serena has expanded to include stays for women with children.

Spiritwalker on top of "Genis the nuisance, bottes ugg pas cher sup, hey,hi everyone, definitely! Let be careful with the comments around here next thing you know, americans will think we "fine friends, after that.

Adconcerningis_Tate on the topic of "Arms together with other Rights" ugg soldes And how a wellregulated militia likely to form if the citizens rely on the Feral Gummit for permission to own guns?

JohnLocke by "A Day without getting a Bus" Isn genuine culprit Gov Brown, Who made pension changes that violate business deals? Not to shield the Teamsters (as if), But they appear.

Adoveris_Tate on your "Guns slay" Sandy Hook was a freak incidence, not likely Theproblemthatrequiresutopianistorgasm. way too, At least 2 recent spree shooters surrendered or shot themselves when the.

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You do it, by just オロビアンコ バッグ 人気 メンズ undertaking it. You do it by being willing to try a brand new method. I constantly inform my consumers, "start little and grow tall enhance your contributions gradually オロビアンコ バッグ 人気 メンズ more than time".

It's a オロビアンコ 財布 レディース 長財布 lot much easier than you feel. And when you've accomplished it, you are able to watch your savings develop as well as your debt shrink, with tiny thought or オロビアンコ 財布 アウトレット work.

The perfect orobianco バッグ 2013 location to start saving is inside a money market place account or perhaps a money market fund.

Funds オロビアンコ 長財布 レディース アウトレット market accounts are accessible at most banks or credit unions where deposits are insured by the FDIC for up $100,000. They earn about twice as a lot interest as a ordinary savings account.

Money オロビアンコ 新作 財布 marketplace funds usually are not insured by the FDIC. But orobianco バッグ キャンバス if you are prepared to take a bit significantly more danger they usually have larger prices of return than funds オロビアンコ 新作 財布 market accounts. Treasury bills.

So, once more, here's what you are able to do now:

If opening a funds marketplace account or fund feels also intimidating, open a frequent savings account at your local bank. Right after you have accomplished some further study, transfer the cash to a funds industry account or fund.

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Everyone セイコー腕時計 メンズ 人気 ought to personal at the least one Gucci bag and seeing as you セイコー腕時計 逆輸入 actually do require a black bag then you セイコー腕時計 メンズ 人気 could possibly also make your Gucci bag your tiny black bag.

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